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Very Deep Songwriting.

Woody's albums are great. The thing that this albums sticks out for is the stunning songwriting. See "Antenna" on you tube. His covers are always good.

Guitars of Pikesville - Baltimore, MD

This is a perfect album! 

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a perfect Rock, Folk, Progressive and Pop album. Great songs with great singing playing; perfectly produced. There is a good variety here to keep you engaged from start to finish. Why this guy is not VERY VERY well know and performing on national TV is a mystery to me. He has several very fine albums to check out and it's my understanding a new one is on the way. 

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Hugely Talented

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Woody Lissauer is an amazing musician and songwriter. His songs are unbelievably good. I would put him in the ranks of Leonard Cohen when it comes to songwriting. He also has a great voice and the music and accompaniments make for an addictive listening experience. Highly recommended.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Woody Lissauer's "Adventures..." Is WONDERFUL! 

This review is from: Adventures & Misadventures in Loveland (MP3 Music)
I recently purchased, and then listened to from start to finish, your CD "Adventures & Misadventures in Loveland." So wonderful, especially in its entirety. We've had the pleasure of hearing you perform live several times. The musicianship and production of the album is so wonderful! I personally feel like you have a unique niche that stands out from "similarly-genred" artists. Cheers on the success of a terrific album!

'Round Magazine

I have always held especial liking for musicians and artists who work outside the box. Woody Lissauer is one of those individuals that hold a special place, his art is touching and highly emotional. It moves me and makes me smile.

The man behind the creation of the Astro Folk style, Woody boasts a broad vocal range and guitar mastery that few other musicians are capable of achieving.

Lissauer's newest album Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland is his third solo production. This album is a journey in a world of emotions. The lyrical and tender Antennae is counterbalanced by the instrumental complication of songs like Victoria. All of the songs are inspired by the search for the perfect soulmate.

Owings Mills Times

“(WL) is an experienced record producer..complex and interwoven tapestry of sounds...blending signals from (devises) creates a special sound that seemed to captivate each listener. His passion...evident in his voice, his expressions and his talent...speak to the heart and touch the soul.”

Hi Fi Heretic

 One of the most naturally musical recordings I’ve ever heard.

   An inventive mix of a wide variety of genres, each painted with delicate nuances appropriate to its style. —Glenn Hammett, writer for 'Hi Fi Heretic', 'the absolute sound', 'The Tracking Angle' and 'Sounds Like…' magazines.

Static Chain - Best of Baltimore

“...he's always amazed me with how well he plays so many different things!...a true professional (Roses) what a great Pop song! It deserved the radio time it got. Woody is truly a gifted, more than that, a gifted artist!”

Doc Nolder - Static Chain - Best of Baltimore

Guitars of Pikesville

A good variety of POP, progressive and folk!

Format: MP3 Music
Woody Lissauer is just great. His songs are brilliant. His singing is just great. The covers are rewrites instead of just being copies of the originals. The Somebody to Love is great fun. Listen to all of his albums starting with the one just called Woody Lissauer and go from there. It's all better than good.

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W.L. Website

Thank you for sharing such talent

Your CD seems to be frequenting my car CD player more often. As I continue to listen to your music the more I realize your musical and lyrical talents. You have great variety in style but also depth in these styles and are able to successfully and complexly blend these styles into true musical art. Thank you for sharing such talent.” —Stan Krol, Ellicott City, MD

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('Roses' audio CD)
I have been listening to Woody for years with groups like 
Cubic Feet, Crack the Sky and I think this is his best work yet. 

The True Vine

“...the production values are terrific, the CD sounds great”! —Ian Nagoski, The True Vine

CD Baby

It makes me cry... and I love your Russian song!

I LOVE the song that you and your sister Kate do. It makes me cry... and I love your Russian song! --Tracey McClure, Ontario, Canada


Sometimes folk, sometimes singer/songwriter, sometimes modern rock sometimes you can hear an 80's synth groove. This beautiful CD never stands still. Woody's voice is an amazing and flexible instrument which intertwines with the lovely female vocals of which he is obviously a fan. A beautiful, powerful sonic journey. A masterpiece of blended sonorities, sometimes you don't know where one instrument stops and another begins, or even what instrument you're listening to. Full of intimate lyrics, that evoke powerful emotions through poetic interpretations of life. One man's unique and compelling vision of the future of music. A truly original work. Detailed and ever changing, sensuous and driving. Great version of John Barleycorn to boot!

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"I'll start off by saying that I am in awe. You are so amazingly talented and gifted, it brings tears to my eyes. Your voice is gorgeous... I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have stumbled upon your music. I am constantly searching for music that inspires me and at last I have found it. I think the song 'Roses' belongs on the radio! ...I am deeply moved by your music. I can't really explain why, there is just something about it that touches me. Thank you." -Laura Moore

W.L. Website



I love your CD! Can I get ten more? —Birgit Miller, Annapolis, MD

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Big fan of W Lissauer. This CD has some amazing songs - shout outs for "Bent but not broken," one of the truest and most mature breakup songs I've ever heard and "Hard Times," a catchy and accurate description of the economic climate.

WRCT - York, PA (Interview/Performance) 

WLOY (Interview/Performance)

FFN On the Air (Interview) 

Real Time Music Network (Interview)

Driftwood Magazine (Interview)

(fan) "cool! woody is an excellent musician" 

  • (Jon) "He is indeed! Especially amazing that he recreates that big sound live by himself. Thanks for reading."

PRX - (Contest Winner Interview)

Baltimore OUTloud Magazine (Article)


WOODY LISSAUER A Baltimore Musician’s ‘Adventures in Loveland’


I met Woody Lissauer back in the early 90s at Sowebo. His long blond hair flaying in the wind, a pearly white smile, and charming stage presence combined with amazing musical abilities made him stand out in the crowd of performers for me that night. I knew he had real talent and I liked him. We were introduced and hit it off immediately. We hung out at his place after the festival, talked for hours, and he showed me all the various instruments he knew how to play. I was incredibly impressed.

We kept in touch over the years and even played on stage together once doing a cover of 'Sympathy for the Devil', where I played the harmonica and sang with him in an ad-hoc band that night. He always had a way of inspiring me to create music myself even though I have no formal training. I always felt that he believed as much as I do that we are all innately musical. We all vibrate music on a spiritual level.

Woody has an extensive music background that includes a degree in music composition from Towson University. He was in the Gordon Michaels Band on A&M Records. He went on the road with Strangelove (Chrysalis Records) and Crack the Sky (Lifesong Records). When Vigil producer Sam Praeger introduced Lissauer to Balti- more socialite Mark Davison they formed the band Cubic Feet and got a deal with Warner. He is best known for his work with Cubic Feet. But, I personally think his solo work is his finest.

After Woody finishes a set he always asks the crowd if they have any requests.
Its remarkable how he can cover almost any song at a moments notice. My favorite covers of his will always be Bowie songs from the album
Ziggy Stardust. No one can play Bowie quite like Woody. When he plays a Bowie song it takes me far away from this earthly plain. You become Major Tom ignoring ground control, are catapulted a million miles above the stratosphere, where nothing can harm or break you. A tree in the wind, you will bend. You may even be a little bent, but never broken.

I proudly own a copy of his first solo CD, Woody Lissauer (2004) and his most recent, Woody has a large following from folk music fans in the LGBTQ community. More specifically, lesbians throughout Maryland seem to really dig him.

When I was host and coordinator of the roving art event From Our Lips (a poetry, performance, art, and live music happening that took place in the 90s at Lambda Rising, Adler Gallery, and Cafe Metropol in Baltimore), Woody was a featured performer there and the audience adored him. I always knew I could count on him to bring in a good crowd. I've followed his career through the years. He
still never fails to give the audience an excellent performance no matter where he plays.

Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland, which contains the song, 'Bent, But Not Broken', which has an impressive music video -

Woody filmed himself with fixed cameras, and then combined that footage with roving shots by well-known Baltimore photographer Bonnie Schupp and David Salyers. Woody filmed and produced this inspiring music video about life in Baltimore.

“Woody has a large following from folk music fans in the LGBTQ community. More specifically, lesbians throughout Maryland seem to really dig him.”

Featuring splendid scenes from all over Baltimore City. The song speaks to us about determination of will in the face of adversity.

A music video project for another song, 'Send in the Clowns' was shot at the infamous Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, NYC. Filmed by Baltimore director/cinematographer Ravene Noir (Mayor Kurt Schmokes son - Gregory Schmoke). Woody is seen dancing in merriment with drag queen, mermaids and all kinds of other colorful people. This song is about embracing diversity. The video was done with HBOs creative director Karen Sands as executive producer.

Woody was born in Baltimore; a musical child prodigy. It is no surprise his work has come this far. We can only expect an even brighter future from this ever-rising native star. 

Contact Woody Lissauer at 

The Examiner (Interview/Article)

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The Spotlight Zone (Article)

JJ Rocks Article # 41: From Maryland, USA: Woody Lassauer  
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 8, May, 2007
With all the character voices and fad following artist on the rise today it becomes quite a chore finding someone who remains true to the art of displaying a high level of quality in their vocals and songwriting. But this month’s featured artist from Baltimore Maryland (my hometown) has made the search for such musical quality very rewarding for this publication. And after hearing his song “Roses”, you will agree that he belongs in our family of great musical creators. 

Woody Lissauer has reached a level of musical communication that touches not only the hearts and emotions of the every day listener, but also attracts respect from the most demanding pop culture composers. And with a voice quality and precision that rivals the most well known singers, he maintains the ability to achieve a perfect balance between technical expertise, instrumental versatility, and creative focus. 

I met Woody at a gig somewhere in Maryland that I can’t remember, and it was a rare occasion because back then most of the professional level players were working five or six nights a week. But I do remember that he had a pleasant personality that was absent of the usual attitude problems that many local players had at that time. There was also a time when I saw him play with a former member of one of my bands (Laura Hunter) on my night off. I also remember that he played very tasteful guitar solos, but at the time I wasn’t aware of his great songwriting ability or his expertise on so many instruments. 

Even though I have only seen him two times in my life, the fact that he wound up playing with two of my former band members from the original JJ rocks band (St. Croix 1982) means a lot to me because those members went on to play with such a fine musician as Woody Lissauer. And one of them, drummer Mike “Crash” Kundrat” is playing on “Roses”, the song that Woody is offering to our readers as a free download at the end of this article. 

I’m trying to get Woody to come down to St. Croix sometime in the future and play in some of our local establishments. And believe me, if he does, it will be something that St. Croix won’t forget! Because it’s not that often that a musician / songwriter of that quality arrives on the shores of this beautiful island. 

So Woody, St. Croix Music Magazine would like to welcome you to our family of fine featured artist! And we are glad that we can spread the word about your fine talents to over 50 countries worldwide. Your article will always be in this month’s issue for all to read and your website will stay in our bands column for anyone who wishes to contact you or purchase any of your fine recordings.
Keep writing those great songs and give “Crash” a hug for me for playing such great drums!

JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

HighWire Daze Magazine (Article)


WOODY LISSAUER by WOODY LISSAUER (Independent) - Woody Lissauer's 2004 release is a breath of fresh air. With over an hour of songs, you’ll find a lot of great music to explore. It begins with the tune ‘Roses’, which is already being spinned on local radio here in Maryland. Lissauer plays many of the instruments including guitars, reeds, keyboards, violin, and percussion. Though much of this recording has acoustic instruments, I found it to have some very driving rhythms. He is joined by many female vocalists including his sister Kate Lissauer. She also plays banjo and fiddle and is currently performing in England. Guesting on the record is Spike from the band NEVER NEVER, vocalist Chris Noyes, trumpeter Jimmy Wilson, Lissauer's cohort Crash on drums,and the late Brian Durham. There are 13 tunes in all and even includes a remake of the traditional English ballad 'John Barleycorn Must die' which was also recorded by Traffic in 1970..but with his introduction of a heavy drumbeat , it could attract a whole new audience.. It's available at Baltimore ,MD and DC record store locations. In closing this CD has some very cool textures and Lissauer's approach to songwritng and sound sculpting is both new and exciting. Be sure to check his website at —Jupiter, HighWire Daze Magazine

Music Monthly (Article)

CD #1 (self-titled)


...I've been writing about Woody Lissauer for decades. My first memories are of him with Multiplex, and then he was with Cubic Feet. To say that Woody is excited about his debut solo release would be a major understatement. He has created a nice little home studio for himself and devoted his time to learning all the music and editing programs. He also taught himself the graphic end of things, and brought together the finest players he knew to create this musical masterpiece. And it is. The cover is gorgeous—simple, but classy. The back cover is also stunning—a red rose on a black background with the song titles on the left side of the art. Very cool looking. I was immediately impressed. I was looking forward to listening to this disc simply because it looked so nice.

When I finally had the time to listen to it, it was time to write about the debut from Woody Lissauer.

The opening cut made me smile immediately. "Roses" is a wonderful song. It's folksy, and has wonderful vocals. I was sorry I couldn't read the lyrics, the parts I picked up really caught my attention.

Before I go on, let me tell you that Woody plays a ton of instruments, including guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, and does the vocals, of course! Now let me tell you about all the people who appear on Woody Lissauer's brand new disc. Listen for the talents of the one-and-only Brian Durham, Spike Settles, Myles Evans, George Biggs, Chris Noyes, Crash Kundrat, Jupiter Lee, Billy Falk, Kate Lissauer, Jimmy Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Tammi Hessen, Roy Frush, Cindy Leo, Rose Manfre, and Jeffrey Garbelle (on the Viola da Gamba). Mixing was done by Gene Ingham and Woody, mastering was with Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering.

I hear so many things in this music. Woody Lissauer is a very talented fellow. He's been around almost as long as I have and his music expresses that. He had learned by playing the best music in the world. His total purpose in life is to make music. If asked, he'll tell you the same thing. His mission is his music, and he's put out a lot of time to bring this disc to life.

There is so much here. At times I feel like I am growing up again. I hear Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The Who and even The Eagles. He's got some Celtic sounds here, and some hip guitar picking on its own. When he adds percussion to the mix, the music gets that much more exciting! Then he does his own version of one of my favorite songs, "John Barleycorn Must Die" from Traffic. The vocals alone are masterful. It is a great addition to this excellent disc.

Woody Lissauer should be quite proud of himself for all he put out to make this happen—he has done one hell of a job! And, I thought it was very cool he dedicated it to the late, great Brian Durham. (Many people miss you Brian!)

I am sure that this CD is available all over the region. He's already got it in stores and online.

from Music Monthly, June 2004—review by Susie Mudd